The unexpected can happen at any time, as we all know far too well. We’ve seen how an accident, death, or unexpected illness – or the unexpected actions of a loved one or family member – can immediately test an estate plan. We’ve also seen how changes in applicable laws can dramatically affect your plan and your legacy.

Our team is committed to ensuring the best outcome for you in any of these situations. The reality is that many of our clients experience one or more changes each year that affect their estate plans. That’s why we created JM Law CARES, our client estate and legacy planning maintenance program. It’s the best way to adapt your estate plan to changes in the law or tax regulations, changes in your family dynamics, and changes in your asset profile.

Your membership includes:

  • An annual review with one of our attorneys
  • Funding guidance
  • Annual updates to financial and medical powers of attorney
  • Free notary service for any documents
  • A family CARES summit
  • A no-cost initial consultation with trustees for administration upon incapacity or death

JM Law CARES members also receive priority access to our legal team.

To determine if you’re a good fit for JM Law CARES, consider the following. Since your last update to your estate plan:

  1. Have you moved or purchased another home or vacation property?
  2. Were you blessed with another child or grandchild?
  3. Have you started a business, sold your business, or taken on a new partner? Have you started a new job or retired from one?
  4. Did you create a new financial account, add investments, or sell investments?
  5. Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a serious health condition or been injured?
  6. Have you – or one of your beneficiaries – married or divorced?
  7. Has someone you loved died?
  8. Are you now expecting to care for a parent or dependent children?
  9. Have you acquired a pet or another pet, and wish for them to be cared for if you aren’t able to do so?
  10. Have any of the friends or family named in your estate plan as trusted helpers moved away, or has your relationship with them changed?
  11. Are your children now adults and able to help you as you age?
  12. Do you want to help with the cost of your grandchildren’s education or lessons?
  13. Are you concerned about recent changes in estate and inheritance laws or tax regulations?

If any of these changes have occurred since you last updated your estate plan – or if you expect any of these to happen in the next twelve months – it’s time to revisit your plan, and you may be a good fit for our JM Law CARES estate and legacy planning maintenance program. In order to serve you best, only current clients of JM Law and Cassaday & Company who have completed their estate planning documents with JM Law may participate in the JM Law CARES program.

For more information, download our CARES overview. If you believe that you meet the criteria and would like to enroll, please contact us to request our CARES membership form.

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